Visa Extension and Visa Conversions/Changes
Not all visa holders who travel to Australia can convert or extend their visas within Australia. Visa extensions and conversions depend on the country of passport, original condition imposed on the visa and many other factors. Some of the important issues to remember while considering visa extensions and conversions with respect to students are:

Visitor Visa to Student Visa
Only passport holders of Assessment Level 1 countries can apply student visas onshore. Passport holders of all another countries have to be offshore to apply for student visas.

No Further Stay Condition
Visa holders who have a no further stay condition on their visas can not apply for any other visa onshore except few selected visa categories.
For assistance and checking eligibility for extension or conversion of visas contact Australian Visa & Migration Consultancy Services.

Visa Extension and Visa Changes Pre Assessment Form CLICK HERE

Please complete with as much information as possible and submit it to Australian Visa & Migration Consultancy Services

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Visa Extension

Not all visa holders who travel to Australia can convert or extend their visas within Australia. read more

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