The Professional Development Visa is designed to enable training providers to deliver tailored academic and practical training for professionals, managers and government officials from overseas.
The training will be offered to groups of senior staff of foreign Government Agency and specific employee groups from large multinational or national companies. The training programs will be designed by the Australian educational provider to meet the needs of the overseas employer.

There will be two steps to applying for the Professional Development Visa.
1. Sponsorship approval; and
2. Visa application

In order to lodge a valid application for this visa, an Australian organization must first become an approved professional development sponsor. Three elements will be assessed during the approval process: the sponsor, the program and the overseas employer.

Once sponsorship is approved, the organization may sponsor visa applications employed or nominated by the overseas sponsor. In order to be able to offer programs, Australian sponsoring organization will be required to enter into specific undertaking, accepting obligations relating to their conduct of the visa holders when they were in Australia.

Sponsors may also be requested to lodge securities as part of their sponsorship approval and will be required to acknowledge that specified sanctions may result with the non compliance with the obligations. These may include bars preventing the sponsor from lodging further information from approval of sponsorship and from lodging further visa applications pursuant to already approved programs.


Please complete with as much information as possible and submit it to Australian Visa & Migration Consultancy Services

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